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CNN, BNN, BBC Style Skype Interview Videos About Your Business

The Most Affordable Video Creation Solution On The Internet!

Promote your business website through a trust building interview show

We interview you over Skype video or audio call, or in a telephone call, during  a 30 minute session.  When we are done, you will have your very own video interview show ready to upload to YouTube. The video is then yours to embed on your blog, website or to download.

Promote your company, event or website with your very own business BBC or CNN style interview show video.  We interview you over a 30 minute Skype call and create an instant promotional video that you can post on your website, on YouTube, or use as a squeeze video on a landing page to capture sales leads. 

All you need to do is show up on a Skype call and we take care of the rest. We assist with interview scripting, camera setup, and can even help you promote the video to over 300 Internet blogs, lists, PR feeds, Wordpress and micro blogs*.

Two Simple Pricing Options

Per Minute Pricing


For Completed Video
Pay only for length of interview


Flat-Rate Pricing


Or $295/Hour
Pay for the interview time on Skype

Pay when you order or pay when we deliver. Your Choice!

*An add-on service by


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Kersten - thank you! Thank you for inspiring me to think of new ideas/new ways, and for helping me share my story with the world. For anyone that subscribes to Seth Godin's definition of Marketing: "Marketing is the orchestration of stories told through our social networks", Kersten is that guy. Kersten, love working with you!

Ben Zoldan
For the majority of my professional career, my way of selling was based on finding a problem, and then solving it. It made so much sense to me, it appealed to my logical way of going about the world. It’s what I did. Its what I believed in. It’s how I went through life. But something was missing, and worse, for so many years, I didn't know what it was. Then, some amazing things happened in and around my life that completely reshaped how I viewed, not just the world of "selling', but in how I could better affect change in my own life. Its like believing that the world is flat, as we once did, and then one-day learning its no longer so. I believe we’ve discovered a way to improve the lives of anyone who has to influence change - salespeople and other professionals - by demystifying what the most inspiring people do to influence change, and I'm excited to share this new understanding with the world. , Los Angeles, CA
May 02, 2012