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Get Noticed and Get Famous

Leveraging The Power of YouTube


Turning a YouTube video channel into a powerful business promotion tool

With Emmy award winning TV producer Joelle Norwood


Do you ask yourself these question?:

  • Why is YouTube video so important?
  • How do I promote my business online?
  • How will web video help my business?
  • How to gain momentum on YouTube?
  • What do audiences and producers look for?

A FREE Video Interview Originally recorded July 10, 2012

Are you a business that is looking to for an easy way to promote yourself, and creating ways to get your product service or personalities noticed by clients and the mainstream media?

Register to watch as I interview Joelle Norwood about her career in television broadcasting as both a producer and interviewer.

During this show we will discuss the strategies behind leveraging YouTube to get noticed online, to create a strong reputation and build trust using video.

Joelle also explains how you can use YouTube to practice your presentation skills and get noticed by mainstream TV producers.

In this web-cast you will learn:


Leverage Video Broadcasting to promote your business


Creating business videos on YouTube

What You Need

Preparing and delivering business information on video


How YouTube is an easy way to get noticed and found on Google.


How YouTube is a great place to practice to be interviewed by mainstream media

Reduce Missed Appointments

How to Present Yourself for Mainstream Show Producers


    Who should watch: Anyone who owns a business that is looking for a unique way to promote their business locally or nationally.   






    About News Reporter Joelle Norwood:

    Joelle is a TV and video producer with 30+ years years experience making people look amazing on camera and off. Joelle has helped celebrities and business leaders alike connect with audiences all over the world.

    She has won 3 Emmys, interviewed the likes of Oprah, Angelina Jolie, Brad Pitt, and Mick Jagger, worked with CBS, Disney, MTV and ET.