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Contagious Selling


Author David A. Rich on Turning Connections



Into Relationships That will last a lifetimeDavid RICH on Contagious Selling

A grade school teacher once told David Rich that if he could earn money with his mouth, he'd make billions! While he's still working on the latter, David has spent 25 years speaking to groups ranging in size from small community churches to the Fortune 100.


Recorded Friday November 16 


About David Rich

David has been called, “The Most Personable Speaker in America,” “The Ultimate Stand & Deliver Presenter,” “A Closet Preacher Speaker,” and “Mr. Contagious,” but has never been called boring, too vanilla, or lacking passion for his message.

He has presented to well over one million people in 46 states and 4 countries and has earned the speaking profession’s highest designation, one of less than 500 speakers in the world to do so. David is an author, syndicated columnist, radio personality, and marketing consultant.

His first book, How to Stay Motivated on a Daily Basis has sold over 25,000 copies, his second book, How to Click with Everyone Every Time has been printed in six different languages, his 2006 book, 7 Biblical Truths You Won’t Hear in Church has become an international best seller, and his latest book, Contagious Selling will be in bookstores in October 2012. 







About the Hosts:

Chris Hamilton Has 20 years experience in sales and marketing with companies ranging from start-ups to fortune 500 corporations. He publishes, a daily sales and marketing tip site, and is a contributing author to the Amazon Best-seller Social Boom

Kersten Kloss is a 20 year veteran product developer with international sales and marketing experience. Kersten is a business and personal web strategist, an interview show that showcases business strategy leaders through interactive online interviews.

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